Manali lies in the northwest foothills of the Himalayas (see map northwest India) at 2000m altitude. The climate is momentarily warm and damp because of the ending monsoon. The vegetation is unbelievably green. In the 60's and 70's Manali was a central place for our Hippies and one still sees some aged examples thereof. At that time, among other things, it was the wildly growing Charas (grass) what drew them here. At the moment we are recovering from the arduous journey from Leh and are spending a shanti time.

From our hotel room

Merchant in the evening

Hemp  growing wild

Fruit juice whala

Susanne buying a pashmina shaw for Santhal...

...to be able to send it to Germany, we went to the tailors...

... to have it packed!

Two STRONG guys.