Chandigarh is a planed city, built as a new capital for the Punjab after the division of India and Pakistan 50 years ago. The city remindes us of a east German "Plattenbau", but having many parks and roads with trees.
The brain of the city is the Capitol Complex with its administration, the heart the shopping sector, the lungs the parks and large artificial lake. Le Corbusier, the main architect of the city saw the roads as the connecting blood vessels of this body.
The city with its huge roads must have been completely oversized before the unmotorised India 50 years back. But Chandigarh today, with one million inhabitants, is lucky not to be congested with traffic and lacking parking spaces like other Indian cities. The town made a dynamic and modern impression on us but is quite run down in places.
Susanne and Elias
Chandigarh, 6th September 2005

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Chandigarh, Capital of Punjab

The Legislative Assembly of Hariana and Punjab from above

Legislative Assembly from the rear

Legislative Assembly of Punjab from inside

The High Court

The High Court

"Open Hand Monument"

Typical building in the shopping complex...

... and at night.

A theatre

One of the many roundabouts
One of the many roads

another road.