Already in Germany Santiniketan seemed to be a place, where we we could imagine settling down on a long-term basis and could imagine turning our big dream into reality. Now we are here to find out whether we are firstly welcomed, secondly needed and thirdly whether we are we are up to the job.

We were received with open arms and have met a great deal of interesting people in the short time we have already been here. Among them are physicians, social workers, engineers, students and artists. This place seems to have some kind of magic about it. Actually it is only a large village with rural charm, farmers, goats and chickens. On the other hand it is a university town, where the important philosophers and artist Debindranat Tagore and Rabindranat Tagore lived. Here is a reknowned university, which was founded by Tagore.

We had hardly arrived here and we were already actively engaged in a primary health camp in a village. But it is also the the mid way of our journey and time to reflect on it. We did this in quite different ways:

Susanne: Half time
Elias: Revue
In our nice house we celebrated my birthday.

Elias und Susanne, Shantiniketan 28/09/2005

Our house - A quiet oasis for as to relax and do our own cooking

Rural charme