Dear Donors for the Hospital in Belatanr (India)

It is a year since I asked for support for the Holy Cross Hospital in Belatanr, Jarkhand, India. Your generosity has meanwhile let an amount of 2800 Euro come together.

At the end of September 2008, we could personally meet Dr. Sr. Victoria Aind in Austria and handed over the donation. She had the unique opportunity to be a visiting doctor in the Paediatric Department of the Hospital of the Holy Cross Sisters in Wels (Austrias) and so was able to have an insight of our high-tech medicine of our western world. This was possible because she was chosen as one of eleven delegates from India to represent her convent in the election of a new Mother General at the Swiss parent house.

The development in Belatanr is slow, but all the more sustainable. Luckily through the exchange of the halogen lamps in the existing operation lamp it could be repaired, so that further investments can be be planed.

In the first place a ventilator (breathing machine) for the ward is needed. Especially patients after snake bites often need to be ventilated for several days. At present this is being done done by hand 24 hours per day. Last year this led to a fatal incident, as a family member hyperventilated his own kin and burst the lung.

On the surgeons congress in Berlin this spring I came across a ventilator specifically designed to the needs of a rural hospital in India. It can not only be operated from the fluctuating power supply or the battery pack, but also by hand. (see www.pneumon.com)

Encouraging is that Dr. Aind was able to have Dr. Roelofsen, an experienced German surgeon, as a stand in for her in Belataner during her time in Europe. This hospital in India is experiencing further aid by Dr. Kalliainen from Minnesota (US). Last year in Belatanr she carried out plastic surgery in patients after burn injuries and on Cleft lip and palate in children. She also has donated a modern anaesthesia machine and a surveillance monitor. Thus Ether is no longer needed and operations can be performed with improved safety for the patient .

The fund-raising campaign continues, because Dr. Aind sees the urgent need for the consistent use of disposable gloves for infection prophylaxis in vaginal examinations. The use of sterile needles is a further permanent cost factor. Moreover, the X-ray assistant should be trained in ultrasound diagnostic. This is a very cost-effective and efficient investigation technique.

Dr. Elias Engelking
October 2008

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Holy Cross Hospital, Belatanr

Dr. Sr. Victoria Aind and Dr. Elias Engelking, September 2008

Neumon Ventilator

  There was much to be discussed...